Flexible to Upgrade Capacity based on demand and fully control by user


Transparancy billing and price with RealtimeTrafic Monitoring


Zero BOD system investment and maintenance, BOD Billing and user account Manager.

BONDeD : A Flexible & Fully Intrageted Bandwith on Demand Service

The way to flexible speed upgrade instantly

BONDeD Features Include:

  • Avaiable to integrate for new or existing customer
  • Manager Fortal for Provider (user account, package, and billing)
  • User Fortal for End User (User and Provider information, Package options, on demand upgrade)
  • Realtime user utilization
  • Session Upgrade log

User of BONDeD :

  • Personal or Cooperate with on demand internet user who use the BONDeD Service through BOD Provider
  • Internet Service Provider who use BONDeD system
  • Cooperate who use BONDeD system